Week 3 of the Summer Holidays and I haven’t even come up for breath yet! I hope you guys have been having as much fun as I have! My Summer started with an astounding ‘Minions The Musical’ and since then have been on board an inflatable car in ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,’ our 2-5 year olds have been running fast like The Gingerbread Man and went under the sea to visit The Singing Mermaid. But this week is my busiest yet, as I am doing two shows in three days!

The most fantastic thing about my summer, has been the fantastic feedback that I have had from both parents and children! A little girl melted my heart as she declared to me ‘Little Stars is the best thing ever!’ What more could make my day! That’s job satisfaction for you! Children from as young as 2 to 16 have the chance to come and express themselves through singing, acting, dancing and performing! And it's fantastic to see what amazingly talented children I have. One parent said to me, 'You've got it spot on, the children have so much fun whilst learning so much too!' The was great for me to hear as this is the exact vision I had for Little Stars when I started it. 

 So far I have had an absolutely fantastic summer, it's been non-stop, but it's been great to see so many different groups of children making new friends, having fun, bonding as a team, and putting on fantastic performances.  

I hope you are having an equally fantastic summer, making some amazing memories with your little ones (and big ones!)