Well the last few days has been a complete whirlwind and I'm glad to get a moment to finally stand still in the moment and realise just how amazing the last four days has been! 
It all began on Wednesday when 45 children ended the last workshop of the Summer by performing Mamma Mia. I love this musical anyway and 2 days before I got married it felt like the obvious choice! And cor blimey what a performance it was, we donned out feather boars, cowboy hats and 70's get up for the longest show Little Stars has ever performed during a holiday workshop. I didn't realise just how brilliant it was until the whole group was belting out Mamma Mia at the top of their voice, smiling, singing and loving life! Then our Super Stars sang 'Slipping Through My Fingers' and if I wasn't emotional enough when Sophie walked down the aisle showered in confetti I was knocked over the emotional edge! 
I had no time to think about this though because it was a quick turn around before the final church rehearsal before the big day! At this point I was beyond excited as my chief bridesmaid whipped me away for a champagne nail party to prepare for the big day! 
Many of my Little Stars' parents had prepared me for just how much the time would 'slip through my fingers' but you just don't realise how fast it goes. As family members checked into La Maison Talbooth, buzzing, excited and ready to go the night before my wedding was truly magical. A chilled out BBQ before the big day was much needed. 
Blink and you miss it, suddenly it was upon us! All the bridesmaids gathered in my room for hair and make up, the fabulous flowers by Miss Fleurs Floral designs arrived and the dress was on, it was time to go!
About a year ago when the wedding had been booked I had the most amazing idea that I could have a Little Stars choir, Lewis took some convincing but how could he say no, for the last four years it has been my whole life and he's been there through the blood, sweat and tears. But nothing could quite prepare me for my proudest moment.
I was already on the emotional precipice when Amie, who was in charge of looking after the choir along with Leanne and Hana, sent me a live good luck message from them. They looked amazing and I couldn't wait to see them in the church. 
But I cannot put into words how amazing it was to see my Little Stars at the church along with all my family and friends they sang amazingly, they made my day complete. And it really was my proudest moment. It wasn't just me who thought so, the guests kept telling me just how great they were (even Lewis!) 
'The choir were truly amazing' Mother of the Groom
'The choir made the ceremony so special' Lewis 
'The choir were so good you would think they did this professionally' Mother of the Bride 
'The hymns were amazing and the choir were so well behaved and I could tell were loving every second' Becky (Bridemaid) 
And one from me, you made my wedding! Thank you so much; Faith, Anna, Fluer, Sophie, Eloise, Elen, Erin, Edie, Maisy, Zara, Alana, Mia B, Yasmin, Emily, Olivia, Charlotte, Merise, Lisa, Mia M, Angel, Amelie, Rosie, Mia S, Sian, Zoe, Ellis, Mia F, Emily and Ella.