So I have something embarrassing to tell you. I can't ride a bike! Well I couldn't. So when I arrived at the Maldives and we were shown to our water villa that was miles away from the centre of the resort we were asked, or rather told; 'you both like riding a bike' I was less than impressed! But being on my honeymoon and with my attitude that anything is possible, I decided I would try it. But decided I would give up if I didn't like it. 


The jetties which the water villas are on have no hand rails so if you're falling off your bike you are potentially falling into the sea with your bike behind you. So on I climbed to my bike, scared as anything but Lewis telling me that I could definitely do it! I had a go and then stopped as soon as I wobbled and didn't want to get back on, but on I got and the more I rode my bike the more confident I got! Dare I say that I actually went for a bike ride this morning and enjoyed it. I text my mum straight away to tell her... I could ride a bike! 


Looking back now my whole attitude had been really silly! Of course I can ride a bike everyone can. As the children go back to school this week it got me to thinking just how scary new experiences are, learning new things and fear of the unknown! As an adult these experiences get less and less but for children they are learning new things and having new experiences every day, especially at the start of the new term!


At Little Stars too, getting up on stage, doing LAMDA exams, so hats off to all our little ones at the start of this new term, let's just hope like me once they've tried it they love it!  And let's celebrate their achievements no matter how small!