it or loath it Halloween is here to stay!

Hubble bubble toil and trouble

Fires burn and cauldrons bubble


As I embark on a week of spooky, or, in some cases, not so spooky Halloween workshops it got me thinking why Halloween is not such a loved tradition for kids and grown-ups alike.

A chance to dress up – everyone love to dress up and Halloween is the perfect opportunity. It allows children to play act as a scary or spooky character.  It seems now that adults can enjoy the dress up tradition with more and more high street shops selling adult costumes and such is the popularity for adults to dress up that Disneyland even allow dressed up adults into their parks during their Halloween period.  

Trick or Treating - dress up, spooking people and sweet treats as a reward combine to make a truly terrific tradition. It is also an opportunity to connect with the neighbours. There does seem to be an unspoken rule to only go to people’s houses who have a pumpkin outside their door which is a good rule to follow as not everyone likes and agrees with Halloween. If you do like Halloween though pop a pumpkin or decoration in the window and prepare to be spooked.

Carving pumpkins – what is there not to like? Scooping out the slimy insides before carving it into a spooky face, adding a light and hey presto a magnificent Halloween decoration. It is a perfect activity for any age.  I have also noticed this year an increase in the number of people who are picking their own pumpkins which looks a really fun idea.

Nostalgia – I loved Halloween as a child, we would start planning our costumes in September and always went trick or treating with friends round the village to all the neighbours before returning home to a game of ‘apple bobbing’. As a consequence I would be keen to pass on these traditions. I am sure this rings true for other people

Scaring people – I think the main reason why kids (and adults) love Halloween is the chance to scare others, to be scary and to feel a little bit scared themselves. Years ago I worked at an event where my main role was to scare people and the guests LOVED it – they love being scared!! I guess being scared releases adrenaline and a ‘rush’ of excitement.


Making memories and connecting with others is key to childhood and key to Halloween – so however you celebrate and whatever you do - Happy Halloween everyone!