I’ve just been to visit the big cheese in Disney Land Paris – Mickey Mouse, and I was lucky enough to visit him on Halloween, one of the most magical weekends at Disney! I would highly recommend it to everybody, the atmosphere in the park was phenomenal with lots of extra things to do, actors walking around in character as well as dancers and the Disney characters themselves.

I’m an avid Disney fan and have visited the parks several times and I just love it! The drama, the excitement, the magic and the fun. Even Mr Little Stars who was difficult to convert to a Disney believer declared this weekend; ‘it’s just like living a dream’ and this got me thinking about how great Disney is.

You enter a world of make believe and dreams where anything is possible. Children are encouraged to delve into their imagination to a place where princesses sing, mermaids grow legs, and mice are lifesize! When I was queuing for The Tower of Terror all the members of staff were acting as though they working in ‘The Twiglight Hotel’ and where fully in character. The attention to detail in what makes Disney so much more than a theme park but an experience! Whilst I was there I realised I was surrounded by actors, the staff working on the rides, the characters, the princesses conjuring up a magical word.

My Recommendations;

-       The Ratatouille Ride in Disney Studios is absolutely fantastic, don’t miss is. Queues are always very long, we fast passed it which mean we only have to wait 10 minutes.

-       Buffulo Bills Wild West show was amazing, great fun for EVERYBODY!

-       If you fancy a wine/beer/coffee/sit down then go to the Disney Hotel you don’t need to be staying there to have a drink in the bar and you don’t need to make a reservation – perfect place to rest tired feet!

-       If you do go to Halloween at Disney do not underestimate the ‘fancy dress’ for adults! We saw the Fairy Godmothers from Sleeping Beauty in full light up costumes, a vampire bride in a wedding dress, and loads of princesses. I thought I was going all out with Maleficent ears but I was totally underdressed!

If you get the chance to go, take the opportunity, it’s fabulous.