On Saturday I listened to over 50 children perform at The Chelmsford Speech and Drama Festival! It’s such a lovely little festival and well attended. The children I watched were absolutely fantastic, and I was so pleased that my musical theatre group came 3rd with their performance of ‘Belle.’

Whilst I was at the Festival I managed to catch up with one of the adjudicators, Samantha Tucker, and she gave me some handy hints as to what LAMDA examiners and festival adjudicators are looking for. 

For Poetry Exams;

-       Facial expression and the ability to convey different emotions. A good idea is to do your poem in front of a mirror to make sure that your facial expressions are really clear.

-       Slow down when you are performing your poem, although you have heard this poem lots of times it’s the first time that your audience have heard this poem.

-       Pause for three seconds between each stanza.

-       Have fun and be confident!

For Acting Exams: 

-       Make sure the unseen characters are really clear, it’s best to have them on a diagonal so that you are never in profile. The audience wants to see your face at all times.

-       Slow down, especially if the unseen character is supposed to be saying something. Leave a pause as if they’re actually speaking.

-       Use the space, don’t just stand on the spot and recite your speech. Find reasons for your character to move!

-       Have fun and be confident!!

At the moment my LAMDA students are getting ready for their next exam in February so hopefully they can take all these things on board! Good luck!